After Care Program

Empowering Lasting Recovery through After-Care Support Program

At East Side Recovery, we are committed to supporting individuals in their journey towards lasting recovery. Our After-Care Support Program in Boronia is specifically designed to assist those who are dedicated to living a clean and sober life, providing ongoing support and resources to maintain their progress.

Conveniently Located in Boronia

Our After-Care Program is housed in a newly-built, state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Boronia. The centre is just a two-minute walk from the Boronia train station, ensuring easy access for our clients and the wider community. The convenient location allows for seamless integration into daily routines, making it easier for participants to attend regularly.

Program Details and Schedule

The After-Care Support Program operates Monday to Friday, from 6pm to 9pm. During these hours, we offer a variety of activities and support services aimed at fostering recovery, a sense of belonging and connection, not only among our clients but also within the broader community.

We understand that a successful recovery journey extends beyond the our Intensive Recovery Program, which is why we provide ongoing care and support through our after-care services.

  • Group Therapy Sessions:
    Facilitated by experienced counsellors, these sessions provide a safe space for sharing experiences, challenges, and successes.

  • Life Skills Workshops:
    Practical workshops designed to equip participants with essential skills for everyday living, helping them to build a stable and independent life.

  • Recreational Activities:
    Engaging activities that promote physical health and social connections, such as yoga, art classes, and sports.

  • Mentoring and Peer Support:
    Opportunities to connect with mentors and peers who have successfully navigated their own recovery journeys, offering guidance and encouragement.
Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Our After-Care Program in Boronia aims to foster a strong sense of belonging and connection among our clients. We believe that building a supportive community is crucial for long-term recovery. By creating an environment where individuals can share their experiences and support one another, we help our clients develop the resilience and confidence needed to sustain their sobriety.

Ongoing Support Beyond Intensive Recovery

At East Side Recovery, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process that extends beyond the initial intensive recovery program. Our after-care services are designed to provide continuous support, helping individuals to navigate the challenges of maintaining sobriety and mental wellness in their everyday lives. By offering a comprehensive range of after-care services, we ensure that our clients have access to the resources and support they need for lasting success.

Join Our After-Care Support Program

If you or someone you know is committed to living a clean and sober life, our After-Care Support Program in Boronia is here to help. Contact East Side Recovery today to learn more about our program and how we can support your journey to lasting recovery. Our dedicated team is here to provide the guidance and support you need to build a healthier, happier future.

Contact us today to learn more about our after-care program and other innovative recovery services we offer. Let us be your partner in building a brighter and healthier future.


Achieve Lasting Addiction & Mental Health Recovery

The after care program in  offers mentoring opportunities, allowing individuals to benefit from the guidance and wisdom of experienced individuals who have successfully walked the path of recovery. We believe in the power of community engagement, and our program provides opportunities for involvement in sports and other recreational activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy connections.

We also encourage individuals to explore new hobbies and creative outlets as part of their recovery journey. Our after-care program provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discover and develop their talents in areas such as music and art. Engaging in these activities not only promotes self-expression but also helps individuals find healthy ways to cope with stress and enhance their overall well-being.

At East Side Recovery, our mission is to help individuals achieve long-lasting recovery and improve their quality of life. Our after-care program is an integral part of this commitment, providing ongoing support and resources beyond the intensive recovery phase. We believe in the power of continued care and are dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to lasting recovery.


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